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FORM 990

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Inland Economic Growth and Opportunity (IEGO)


In 2018, private- and public-sector leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino counties have catalyzed an effort to forge a strategic agenda for advancing inclusive growth and opportunity that will benefit residents of both counties and put the region on the path to a more prosperous and secure future. This strategic agenda endeavors to lift thousands out of poverty and broaden local access to opportunity by investing in better pathways to good jobs, improving educational outcomes, inspiring the region’s brightest young people to stay, and strengthening civic infrastructure necessary to address emerging opportunities.

What will IEGO do specifically?

  • Produce new research and insights on challenges and opportunities to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class within the region
  • Translate insights on local economic and social challenges into strategies and tactics that aim to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class in the region
  • Establish a ready audience of regional leaders that will implement and continue to improve strategies and tactics that emerge to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class
  • Create greater local civic capacity for collective, bi-county action to successfully implement strategies that advance inclusive growth and opportunity
  • Over the long term, improve local quality of life through quality job creation and access, particularly in sectors that offer ample pathways to the middle class

IEGO partners include the Brookings Institution, The Community Foundation serving the Inland Empire, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, businesses, economic developers, higher education, and more. Today, IEGO is supporting teams to begin aligning cross-sector efforts and maximizing the assets of the IE for good jobs, strong businesses, and vibrant communities.

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