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TCF celebrates Women’s History Month

During the month of March, The Community Foundation celebrated Women’s History Month. As the month comes to a close, we would like to recognize Women’s History Month by sharing some key statistics regarding women and philanthropy.

Did you know that women are more likely to give than their male counterparts? In fact, 64% of donations are made by women. Additionally, it’s reported that women are responsible for 86% of household’s consumer purchasing decisions. This demonstrates that women hold enormous buying power and influence.  Given these facts, it’s no surprise that women play a significant role in charitable giving, and the women of the Inland region prove this point.

Some Inland Region women are directing their wealth in more purposeful and strategic ways by joining the Women’s Giving Circle (WGC). This group of philanthropic women participate in philanthropy through education, grantmaking and various community activities. Through collective giving and collaboration, the giving circle is committed to improving the economic security of women and their families in the Inland region. One of the Women’s Giving Circle founders, Paulette Brown-Hinds, said of the group, “Cultivating this level of giving is especially important in the Inland Regions, which has much smaller flow of philanthropic dollars than adjacent Orange County and San Diego County regions.” Gail Guge, member of WGC, highlights the importance of WGC and the power of collective giving, “I believe that women have an inherent desire to give back and help others. And that if we can harness our power and work together then it will be multiplied in ways of real impact. We are stronger together than we are individually.”

It’s clear that women are playing a key role in philanthropy, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. With that said, we at The Community Foundation would like to thank all the women staff, Board members, donors, and supporters who help drive this organization.

For more information on the Women’s Giving Circle, please click here.